Nice To Meet You

Nice To Meet You

I'm Taylor. I live and work remotely in Puerto Vallarta. I recently moved here from Mexico City. My lungs thank me.

In 2017, I came to Mexico and never left. It all began with my required attendance as a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding in the Riviera Maya. In the same exact moment, my good friend from Barcelona asked me to live with her in Mexico City. This offer was too good to pass up, and I took it as a sign considering the timing. I sold all of my belongings, leased my apartment, got my Mexican visa, and bought a one-way ticket.

This has been the best three years of my life. After living in six countries and too many cities to count, who knew Mexico would feel most like home? I don’t plan on ever going back to Canada, even though it was just ranked #1 country to live, surpassing Switzerland (and nobody surpasses Switzerland). It’s BEAUTIFUL; too bad it’s boring.

I’m now in Canada’s cultural opposite, Mexico, where people actually talk to one another on the streets and in restaurants and locker rooms. The sun comes out every day, and its history spans a period of more than three millennia. Mexico thrives off its traditions. Each is lively, colorful, full of meaning and feeling. Don’t even get me started on the food… The Mayans and Aztecs began their communities over 9,000 years ago, introducing foods that are now staples in Mexican cuisine. Corn (maize), beans, squash, amaranth, chia, avocados, tomatoes, tomatillos, cacao, vanilla, agave, turkey, spirulina, sweet potato, cactus, and chili pepper… Dishes are bright, full of flavor, sometimes normally salty dishes are sweet, and vice versa.

I met my boyfriend two weeks after arriving in Mexico City, and he may very well be the one I’ve been searching for all along. I met him on Tinder. People think it’s ironic, considering I co-own a matchmaking company, but I'm not allowed to date my clients.

I co-founded Ambiance Matchmaking in 2002 (at age 16), and I spend 90% of my time and energy in this company. I work remotely, either from home or cafes with other digital workers. I create the company’s content, write for our website and blogs, and obsess over SEO by spending way too much time in Google Analytics. Yes, I’m a bit OCD and a perfectionist, which is exhausting, but somehow my friends call me laid-back and easy-going.

The other 10% is focused on other projects. I built and designed the website for Yolcan, Mexico City’s organic veggie box delivery service and producer for restaurants like Pujol (!!). My whole life has been full of sustainable agricultural projects, and it seems it will always be (life goal: own a farm… or a vineyard maybe?).

My boyfriend… OK, it’s time to introduce his name... Diego. Diego and I own a company called Caravana Bike. We offer cycling tours and triathlon training camps in Puerto Vallarta. We sold our motorcycle, bought a 12 passenger van, installed the best bike rack system we could find, and started geeking out on all things cycling, running, and swimming. Puerto Vallarta is a triathlete’s dream.

I write a lot about entrepreneurship, the creative process in my work, how to become a better writer, and other topics that used to be reserved to a journal tucked under my mattress.


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