Content creation and promotion is the combination of art and science. This is where all of the fruits of our labor come together.


Content Planning

First, I like to use a mixture of content to give your audience a variety and to keep content fresh and engaging. Each mixture of content serves a different purpose (a company infograph may educate potential clients on the company while a white page article may educate potential clients on a specific topic). Second, I like to use a variety of methods for delivering that content, whether it be infographics, media, video, or blog snippet.

Content Promotion

It is extremely important to release content on specific days and times (depending on channel) to maximize engagement. I promote content using social media channels. I can create and manage a social media editorial calendar for everyone to view. You will be able to see (a) what content I am publishing (b) when I am going to publish, and (c) on which social media channels.