Personal projects and business ventures.


Puerto Vallarta Digital Nomads

I host coworking and happy hour events at coworking spaces and cafes to meet other digital workers in Puerto Vallarta. We normally continue meeting and working together throughout the week, because working with friends is better than working solo:)

Join our Facebook group Puerto Vallarta Digital Nomads to see events, meet digital workers and cowork with us!


Caravana Bike

I am the Cofounder of Caravana Bike. Along with Diego Chas, we offer cycling tours and triathlon training camps in Puerto Vallarta.

Caravana Bike started as a blog documenting our world travels “on two wheels.” In 2017, we traveled the Yucatan and Chiapas for one month on motorcycle. In 2018, we traveled the whole country of Spain on bicycle. In 2019, we made the decision to promote cycling and triathlon training. So, we bought a 12 passenger van, installed the best bike rack system we could find, and turned Caravana Bike into a cycling tour and training company. Join our Facebook group to train with us!


Chas Photography

I am the Creative Director for Chas Photography, a destination wedding photography company based in Puerto Vallarta. The Founder & Photographer, Diego Chas, has been photographing engagements, weddings and families for over five years.

Each couple has such a unique chemistry. Our job is to capture that chemistry through visual storytelling. We love candid photography; catching a moment so real, so raw, so intense, so fragile, that you will be able to still feel it years later while looking at a single photo. That is what we strive for – photography that holds emotion for a lifetime. We use a photojournalism photography style in each wedding.