Social media is the driving force behind content promotion. Let’s maximize your exposure.


1. Conduct a Social Media Audit

-Using analytics, I decipher who is connecting to your social media accounts, which social media channels your target market uses, and how your social media presence differs from your competitors'.

-Creating a mission statement for each account will keep us on track for the purpose of that account. 

2. Create or Improve Social Media Accounts

-Choose networks that best serve your goals.

-Optimize profiles for SEO to help generate more website traffic.

-Cross-promote social accounts in order to maximize content reach. 

3. Grow Community & Audience

There are an abundance of opportunities to connect and engage with industry leaders, innovators, competitors, and clients. This is how I approach these opportunities:

-Approach individuals/companies in complimentary industries to collaborate on a project. For example, I asked a Huffington Post Blogger to contribute to my company blog. We helped her increase her website traffic by linking back to her site, and she helped us increase our traffic through her social media channels. The bonus was when her article was posted on the front page of Huff Post 50 and they linked back to our website, increasing traffic that day by 500%.  It was a win-win for everyone. 

-Follow industry leaders to stay up to date on newest trends and to provoke ideas for your company.

-Follow competitors to see how your company can differentiate itself (what are they missing that we can provide?).

4. Content Creation & Editorial Calendar 

-Build strategy for content creation and content curation using editorial calendar. 

-Use mix of content: blog posts, blog snippets, company information, tips, quotes, questions, news, promotions, and events.

-Promote content using mixed-media pieces: photo, video, infographics, etc.

-Using analytics, schedule content posting during peak times for each account. 

5. Test, Evaluate, and Adjust

-Track how your social media channels are being used via Google Analytics.

-Assess what accounts need improving and adjust accordingly.