I build custom Squarespace websites with attention to user experience and SEO. I work with individuals, teams, and small business owners to implement their designs to Squarespace and visually communicate their brand identity. 



Design & Template

The design or template selection should mimic or complement the identity of the individual or company. Some may strive for loud and colorful while others may want to portray simplicity and elegance. I can help you achieve the perfect personality type for your website. 

100% Responsive

Allowing your website to respond to different devices, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile will ensure the best user experience possible. It also gives you that technical edge over your competition. I design and develop your website so it fits on all devices across the market. Fonts are increased, phone numbers are touchable to make an instant call, slideshows can be swiped rather than clicking arrows.


Squarespace allows you to present media in a variety of different forms, including full-screen presentations, slideshows, and lightboxes. You can mix still photo, video, and audio content all within the same gallery. Furthermore, I partner with Chas Photo and Emotion Drones, who can assist in providing beautiful photography and video for your website and social media.


Once your website is built, I am always available for any technical questions or help. I can also provide website maintenance as much or as little as you would like. If SEO is a high-priority, consistent website updates are pertinent. If you would like to manage your site, my content management system will allow you to easily manage your website without much assistance. 

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to be on the first page of Google for specific keywords? Of course you do. I have a lot of clients coming to me saying their beautifully designed websites aren't creating much traffic. I can fix that. I create compelling web copy with search engine optimization in mind, all while showcasing a beautifully designed website. Please see the SEO page for more information.