I combine natural, conversational writing with compelling content, all while utilizing SEO tactics.


Website Copy

Create content for your static website or landing pages. By getting to know your company culture, staff, and purpose, I craft compelling copy aimed toward your target market, while keeping best SEO tactics in mind. An in-depth keyword analysis is done for your industry and target audience to create web content. Already have a list of keywords you want to use? Great, you provide them, and I will use them.

Blog Articles

Topic Generation: I will generate topic ideas for you. Select the ones you like and they'll be written within 5 days. I fully research my article topics with trust-worthy resources and references. 

High Quality: I like to write high-volume and high-quality content that communicates your brand's voice. By fully immersing myself into the industry with which I am working, I can fully understand your company, competitors, target audience, and how you want to be recognized within your community. You provide the editorial guidelines and I can do the rest. 

Consistency: I can write blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis. I will create and manage an editorial calendar for managers to be able to view and provide feedback. This will keep track of (a) what topics are being written, (b) purpose of each topic (educate clients, attract potential clients), (c) which keywords will be used, (d) which stage each article is in (developing, editing, publishing), and (e) publication date.

Image: I will search high-resolution photos for your blog posts and you can select the ones you like.


I create email and newsletter content to keep your audience consistently engaged. All content should drive users back to your website increasing website traffic. 

White Papers

Being seen as an expert in your field is an amazing way to attract potential customers. Crafting authoritative guides and reports portray you as an industry leader and educator. When people see  you or your company in this light, trust-worthiness is increased, and a relationship with that person becomes more likely.